How to decide which E-commerce platform is right for you


The business world is going ‘E’.Even those who run brick-and-mortar stores are now establishing an online presence. That’s the direction the world of business is going and it’s not going back. Thinking of starting an online business is one thing and getting started is another thing.

You decide you are ready and start researching. Within a few minutes, Google presents you with a lot of options. What to do? Choosing the right e-commerce platform for your business, shouldn’t be a difficult thing. I know there are so many e-commerce platforms out there which can make it a little difficult for you to decide.


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So how do you decide which e-commerce platform is right for you?

Before you decide which platform to go with you need to know what you want for your online business.

Here are some of the factors to consider

Payment Gateway

This is really important because it determines how payments will be made on your site. Without a payment gateway, there’s no way of receiving money. In my opinion, this is the number one deciding factor. What payment gateways are compatible with the e-commerce platform? Are the available options able to work in your country?


The look of your website matters. I have never made a purchase from a site that looked outdated or unattractive. Look at the kind of themes that are available. I’ve seen some e-commerce platforms with not so many attractive themes. If you are going to be building your own website and you are not a web designer, this really matters.

The design doesn’t only mean appearance. Your website should be intuitive. People should be able to navigate your site without difficulties. Have you ever visited a website and didn’t know what to do or where to click? It can be really frustrating. You wouldn’t want potential buyers leaving your site just because they don’t know what to do next.


Your budget greatly determines which e-commerce platform you pick. You have to look at how much you’ll be paying monthly. You also have to consider extra charges like payment processing fees for payment gateways.


How tech-savvy are you? Are you able to manage open source types of platforms like WordPress plus woo-commerce and Magento or hire someone to do it for you? If you don’t want anything to do with plugin updates or advanced website maintenance then go with platforms like Ecwid, Shopify, BigCommerce, Volusion, SendOwl (digital products)and Squarespace.

You also need an SSL certificate for your site. When I visit a website, the first thing I look for is the lock or HTTPS in the domain. If the website is not secured, I have no business being there.


There is no out-of-the-box platform. Before you decide which platform to pick, think of what tools you need for your business and which platforms are compatible.


This is very important because there’s always something that goes wrong. You can accidentally delete something or maybe you just get stuck.

Customer service should readily be available. I’m more comfortable with platforms that have a live chat option on their website. With live chat, you can be almost attended to immediately.

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